2019 CVARC Hamfest Make It/Take It Projects

Would you or a young person you know like to have fun building a cool electrical project, and learn some useful construction and soldering skills? We will have some great projects at the Hamfest. Our Make It/Take it sessions will be supervised by expert kit builders who will show you what you need to know! Sessions will be held Saturday, August 3.

  • Super Simple Code Practice Oscillator – This is a great introduction to soldering and electronic construction.  This durable kit includes a speaker, battery clips and a built-in telegraph key for practicing Morse Code – the entire Morse Code chart is printed on the board!  Cost of the kit is $10. This session begins at 9:00 AM
  • ClockKit – This is a complete, working digital alarm clock.  Power supply included. Selectable for 12 or 24 hour display.  Cost of the kit is $20. This session begins at 10:30 AM
  • Anderson Power Pole DC Distribution Board – Plug all of your station accessories into this easy-to-build kit!  Cost of the kit is $25. This session begins at 1:00 PM

For questions about these projects, and to order kits, please contact David Cripe at nm0s@nm0s.com