The most asked question about the repeaters are “where is the repeater?”

Single-site 2m repeaters are extremely difficult to implement due to the 5kW 600kHz WMT radio station in town.  The intermod generated between a repeater transmitter and WMT falls directly on the repeater input frequency which makes it nearly impossible to make work.  This is why in Cedar Rapids, all of the 2m repeaters use a split-site receiver and transmitter configuration, using physical separation to mitigate the intermod effects.

The two meter repeaters in Cedar Rapids all share a receive site which is at the KCRG tower, in Hiawatha.  The audio from the receivers are sent via various UHF links to the transmitter sites around town and re-transmitted on their respective 2m output frequencies.

The W0GQ transmitters are on the tower at the Rockwell Collins C Avenue complex.

The W0WSV transmitters are at the Hiawatha water tower at Robins Road .



We are very grateful for the continued support we receive from KCRG, Rockwell Collins and the Hiawatha water department for hosting our repeater equipment.