Area Clubs

Amateur Radio is a big hobby that covers many interests. There are other local clubs that cater to some of these that you can join in addition to CVARC — or even instead of! But don’t worry, we all get along just fine. In fact, most local hams who belong to a club belong to more than one. Click on a link below to check them out.

  • Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club (RCARC)
    This is the club at Rockwell Collins (formerly Collins Radio). They have some nice stations set up, and (of course) Collins radios. Membership is limited to Collins employees and retirees due to funding and facilities access. CARC sponsors Linn County’s only DSTAR repeater.
  • Radio Farm
    Just a bunch of fun folks who really enjoy the hobby!  They host a contest station based in a farm house in Linn county.  There are ALWAYS adventures on the farm.
  • Eastern Iowa DX Association
    The Eastern Iowa DX Association, founded in 1975, is a club with interests centered on DXing and contesting. They maintain a local repeater and a packet cluster.
  • Softronics Amateur Radio Club (SARC),  KSØFT – This is the club at Softronics LTD in Marion. Membership is limited to Softronics employees, family members, and retirees.